This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

AllowScreenTipEvents Property

Office 2003

Set this property to True to enable the BeforeScreenTip event. The default value if False. Read/write Boolean.


expression    Required. An expression that returns a ChartSpace object.


The BeforeScreenTip event allows you to modify ScreenTips before they are displayed.


This example enables all events for ChartSpace1.

Sub Window_Onload()

    ' Allow the AfterLayout event to be called.
    ChartSpace1.AllowLayoutEvents = True

    ' Allow BeforeRender and AfterRender events
    ' to fire as each data point is rendered.
    ChartSpace1.AllowPointRenderEvents = True

    ' Allow BeforeRender and AfterRender events
    ' to be called as each chart element is rendered.
    ' The AfterFinalRender event will be called after
    ' all chart elements have been rendered.
    ChartSpace1.AllowRenderEvents = True

    ' Allow the BeforeScreenTip event to be called.
    ChartSpace1.AllowScreenTipEvents = True

End Sub

Applies to | ChartSpace Object