This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Sort Method

Office 2003

Sorts a range or, if the specified range contains only one cell, the current region

expression.Sort(ColumnKey, Order, Header)

expression    An expression that returns a Range object.

ColumnKey    Optional Long. The number of the first sort column. The default value is 1.

XlSortOrder can be one of these XlSortOrder constants.
xlAscending default

XlYesNoGuess can be one of these XlYesNoGuess constants.
xlGuess Have the method determine whether the first row contains headers.
xlNo default The first row does not contain headers.
xlYes The first row contains headers.


This example sorts the range A1:F10 in descending order based on column B.

Sub SortData()
Dim ssConstants

Set ssConstants = Spreadsheet1.Constants

' Sort Range A1:F10 on column B in descending order and specify that
' row 1 contains headings.
Spreadsheet1.ActiveSheetRange("A1:F10").Sort 2, _
ssConstants.xlDescending, ssConstants.xlYes
End Sub

Applies to | Range Object