This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ResourcesUpdate Method

Office 2003


The PDS updates resource data in the Enterprise Resource Pool of Microsoft Office Project Server 2003. After all of the resources are updated, the PDS also makes the appropriate call or calls to ResourcesNew to properly synchronize the resource properties with Project Server.


            -- Other resource details --

-- Other resource details --




Required. Any resource details that are provided will be updated for that specified enterprise resource.


Optional. Contains phonetic information in either Hiragana or Katakana for resource names; it is used only in the Japanese version of Microsoft Office Project 2003.


The PDS checks the resource’s Windows account for uniqueness and to determine whether the resource is already associated with a Project Server account.


Optional. Default is 1 for a work resource. For a material resource (Type is 0), MaxUnits should not be used. MaxUnits for material resources cannot be edited.

Other resource details are optional. The list of supported resource details follows the Microsoft Project XML Schema.

Return Value

If all requested resource creations are successful, ResourcesUpdate returns a successful HRESULT and STATUS as well as the resource name and Enterprise Unique ID (EUID) for each resource. However, if for any reason one of the requested resource creations fails, they all fail, and the PDS immediately returns and includes an error code for the first resource that failed.



The PDS checks Project Server security for the currently logged-on user and determines whether the user is a valid Project Server user. The PDS also checks to ensure that each requested resource is checked out to the current user.

The PDS checks the resource name (if provided) for valid characters and formatting, and for uniqueness in Project Server and the Enterprise Resource Pool. The PDS edits the resource directly in the Project Server database.

Note   ResourcesUpdate does not enforce any enterprise resource custom fields. See ResourceCodeValuesUpdate to set values for these fields.