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ResourceDeactivate Method

Office 2003


The PDS deactivates a resource in the Enterprise Resource Pool of Microsoft Office Project Server 2003. If the logged-on user has the correct permission, the PDS marks the resource as inactive in the Project Server database.




ResourceUID or ResourceName

Either a ResourceUID or a  ResourceName is required to deactivate a resource. If a ResourceUID is specified, the ResourceName is ignored.


Optional. ServerPath is the Project Server virtual path (for example, http://myserver/projectserver). If ServerPath is included, the PDS also removes the resource from related Microsoft Windows SharePoint™ Services project sites.

Return Value

If the requested resource deactivation is successful, the method returns a successful HRESULT and STATUS. If the requested resource deactivation fails, an error code is returned. If the ResourceUID is specified, the return value should include the ResourceName, and vice versa.



Parameters shown in bold are new in Microsoft Office Project Server 2003.

The PDS checks Project Server security for the currently logged-on user, and determines whether that user has sufficient permission to deactivate the requested resource. The PDS also ensures that the resource is not currently checked out and is currently active. The PDS marks the resource as inactive by adding 1000 to the value of the resource type field, and calls the appropriate method to deactivate the resource in Project Server.

This method is valid for a single resource at a time.

Note   When the PDS deactivates an enterprise resource, if ServerPath is specified, the resource’s permissions are also removed from related Windows SharePoint Services project sites. If the PDS then re-activates that enterprise resource, a Windows SharePoint Services administrator must synchronize permissions for the resource. Open SharePoint Central Administration on the server where Windows SharePoint Services is installed, or use a browser from a remote computer to access the Windows SharePoint Services Central Administration page, and click Manage Web Site Users. Add the resource to the relevant groups in Windows SharePoint Services to re-establish permissions.


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