This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

PSDeleteUsersFromGroups Method

Office 2003


Deletes one or more users from all of the specified Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 security groups.





Required. The wrapper tag for the PSUserName elements, which designate the users to delete. At least one PSUserName is required.


Required. The wrapper tag for the PSGroupName elements, which designate the groups from which the users are deleted. At least one PSGroupName is required.

Return Value

If the request is successful, PSDeleteUsersFromGroups returns a successful HRESULT and STATUS.

If any requested deletions of a user from a group fail, the PDS returns an error code for each failure. Any failures result in a non-zero STATUS code. Processing continues for all of the deletions of users from groups, even after a failure.



The currently logged-on user must have the appropriate Project Server permission in order to see the Manage Users and Groups page and create new users; the PDS checks to determine whether that user has been granted PermissionID 710.