This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ProjectsStatus Method

Office 2003


Gets a list of the currently accessible projects for the user, including basic status information about each of those projects in Microsoft Office Project Server 2003.





Optional. Returns status information for the specified project ID. If ProjectID is specified, ProjectName and all other parameters are ignored.


Optional. Returns status information for the specified project name. If ProjectName is specified, all other parameters are ignored.

ProjectName is the name of the project as stored in the PROJ_NAME field of the MSP_PROJECTS table (the concatenation of the project identifier and the version name, separated by a period).

Note   The ProjectsStatus request may return a STATUS error code 4 if ProjectName includes characters such as: & " < >. These characters should be encoded in the ProjectName value as, respectively: &amp; &quot; &lt; &gt;. Otherwise, use ProjectID instead of ProjectName.


Optional. The default for the ReturnGUID parameter is 0. If the ReturnGUID parameter is equal to 1, then the return includes the unique identifier for the project from the MSP_WEB_PROJECTS table in the database.


Optional. The default for the ProjectType parameter is 0 for regular projects. Valid values for ProjectType are as follows:

Type Description
0 Regular project (default)
1 Project template
2 Global template
3 Resource global
100 Created regular project
101 Created project template


Optional. The PDS returns a list of all projects of the specified version, regardless of whether the currently logged-on user has access to those projects.


Optional. The PDS returns a list of projects with the specified project manager, including projects where the specified project manager is one of multiple project managers.


Optional. If ReturnAdmin is 1, the reply includes any defined admin projects to which the current user has access. AdminProject is 0 for a regular project, or 1 for an administrative (non-working time) project. If ReturnAdmin is 0 or omitted, the reply will not include any admin projects.

Return Value

The reply includes a list of the projects currently accessible to the user, with basic status information about each project as follows:

Data Description
ProjectID The unique ID of the project from the MSP_PROJECT table.
ProjectName Full project name from the PROJ_NAME field.
ProjectType The project type (see the description of the ProjectType parameter).
ProjectPrefix Project name prefix.
ProjectVersion Friendly name of project plan version.
ProjectCheckedout If checked out, 1; if not, 0. Indicates whether the project plan is checked out. If checked out, the project can only be opened read-only.
ProjectCheckedoutUser If the project is checked out, the name of user who has checked out the project.
Access If the user has access to the project, 1; if not, 0.
ProjectUserWrite Indicates whether the current user has permission to check out the project.
LastModified Time and date that project was last modified (format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS).



Request and reply elements that are new or changed since Microsoft Project 2002 are shown in bold.

All parameters are optional, and provide filtering on the returned list of projects.

The PDS checks Project Server security for the currently logged-on user and determines which projects that user has access to, and at what level (for example, read-only or read/write). The PDS gathers from the Project Server database a list of the projects and current status of the projects that are accessible for the current user.

If ProjectID or ProjectName are specified, the PDS returns that specific project, if the currently logged-on user has access to that project.