This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

What's New in This Edition [Outlook 2003 API Reference]

Office 2003

This topic describes what is new in the current edition of the Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Integration API Reference.

Replication API

The Replication API has been added to support a MAPI Transport provider that synchronizes Outlook items between a server and its own private, .pst-based, local store.

Data Degradation Layer API

The Data Degradation Layer API has been added to allow a client to access an Outlook object in a preferred character format (such as ANSI or UNICODE), rather than in its native character format.

Version Checking for Using the Outlook 2003 Integration APIs

The Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Integration APIs are supported by only Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Service Pack 1. Check the Version of Outlook has been added to show a code sample that returns an appropriate result based on the version of Outlook that has been installed.

Updates to the Free/Busy API

The IFreeBusyUpdate interface, which was included in the first release of this reference, is no longer part of the Free/Busy API. Its documentation has been removed.

Various fixes to problems in the last release have also been added.

Updates to the MAPI-MIME Conversion API

The following have been added to the MAPI-MIME Conversion API:

Updates to the Offline State API

The Offline State API was known as the Connection State API in the previous release.

The following have been added to the Offline State API:

Miscellaneous Fixes

Fixes to miscellaneous problems have been made to the Account Management API reference.