This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

BeforeContextMenu Event

Office 2003

Occurs before a context menu is to be shown. A context menu is shown when the user right-clicks or they press the Application key.

Private Sub Object_BeforeContextMenu(ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long, ByVal Menu As Byref, ByVal Cancel As ByRef)

x     Represents the x-coordinate where the context menu is to appear.

y     Represents the y-coordinate where the context menu is to appear.

Menu    Set the Value property of this object to an array that contains the menu items to display.

Cancel     Set the Value property of this object to True to cancel the keystroke.


Use this event to customize the context menus in the Microsoft Office Web Components.


This example displays a custom context menu. The menu contains four options, the last option displays a submenu.

Sub Spreadsheet1_BeforeContextMenu(x, y, Menu, Cancel)

    Dim cmContextMenu(4)
    Dim cmClearSubMenu(2)

    cmClearSubMenu(0) = Array("&All", "ClearAll")
    cmClearSubMenu(1) = Array("&Formats", "ClearFormats")
    cmClearSubMenu(2) = Array("&Values", "ClearValues")

    cmContextMenu(0) = Array("Cu&t", "owc2")
    cmContextMenu(1) = Array("&Copy", "owc3")
    cmContextMenu(2) = Array("&Paste", "owc4")
    cmContextMenu(3) = Empty
    cmContextMenu(4) = Array("Clea&r", cmClearSubMenu)

    Menu.Value = cmContextMenu

End Sub