This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Design Outlook Workgroup Solutions [Outlook 2003 Forms Help]

Office 2003

With Microsoft Outlook, you can create a variety of workgroup solutions and forms. You can create Workgroup Solutions by using custom views in a Microsoft Exchange public folder. You can also create simple forms with no programming involved or create advanced forms by using custom controls, properties, and Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript).

There are a few basic approaches to creating Outlook solutions. You can use existing items, such as tasks or appointment items, put the items in a public folder, and assign a view to the folder. This method gives you an instant Workgroup Solution without writing any code. Another method is to modify an existing item, such as a contact entry or e-mail message, by adding additional pages and fields. With this method, you can extend the use of the item by adding the fields and pages you need without writing any code. To create advanced forms, you can use the Control Toolbox and VBScript to access properties, events, methods, and objects within Outlook.

What method do you want to use?

Create an instant workgroup solution using public folders

Extend the use of an Outlook item by adding additional fields and pages

Create custom forms by using VBScript