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ShowChanges property

ShowChanges property

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Determines whether the screen is updated (redrawn) during a series of actions.

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boolRet = object.ShowChanges
object.ShowChanges = boolExpression


Boolean. True if the screen is updated for each document change; False if it is not.


Required. An expression that returns an Application object.


Required Boolean. True to update the screen for each document change; False to leave the screen unchanged.


Use the ShowChanges property to increase performance during a series of actions. For example, you can set the ShowChanges property to False while a series of shapes are created so the screen is not redrawn after each shape appears, and then set it to True to update the screen.

If a program neglects to turn the ShowChanges property on after turning it off, the Visio instance will turn it back on when the user performs an operation.

The ShowChanges property is similar to the ScreenUpdating property, which was implemented in Visio 3.0. In most cases using the ShowChanges property is preferable to using the ScreenUpdating property. Setting the ShowChanges property automatically sets the ScreenUpdating property; however, setting the ScreenUpdating property does not set the ShowChanges property.

  • When ShowChanges is False, the Visio instance will not refresh the screen as documents change. All shapes in drawing and stencil windows are deselected and the Visio instance won't allow programs to change the selections of windows.
  • When only ScreenUpdating is False, the Visio instance will occasionally refresh the screen as documents change. ScreenUpdating does not cause deselects to occur or restrict selection changes.

The Visio instance will usually run faster when both the ShowChanges and ScreenUpdating properties are False than when only the ScreenUpdating property is False. When both the ShowChanges and ScreenUpdating properties are False, the Visio views will not react to document changes until the ShowChanges property becomes True. This can cause noticeable delays after a program has completed a sequence of many operations. To cause some changes to occur as they happen, set ScreenUpdating to True immediately after setting ShowChanges to False. This can shorten the delay that occurs after ShowChanges becomes True, but will probably lengthen the time to complete the overall sequence of actions.