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The tools and technologies available in Microsoft Office Developer make it easier for teams to build extensible data-driven applications, or team solutions, based on rich tracking application scenarios.

Microsoft Access Workflow Designer for Microsoft SQL Server™ contains a set of tools you can use to build integrated Web- and SQL Server-based solutions that automate team processes. Teams members can share information more quickly and efficiently, easily tracking changes and managing the flow of information using SQL Server databases. Developers building these Web-enabled solutions save valuable time using a visual designer that makes it possible for automation of team processes, integrates team member roles and permissions, and provides access to user information collected from Microsoft Windows NT® Server and Microsoft Exchange Server when available.

In addition to its own rich feature set, Access Workflow Designer extends the power of existing Microsoft technologies. Security is leveraged from Windows NT and SQL Server. User information is integrated from Windows NT and Microsoft Exchange Server user account information. SQL Server database replication is used in conjunction with the offline and synchronization features in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. The user interface is created using new data access page technology in Access 2000.

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For information about creating team solutions, see the section in the Access Workflow Designer Developer's Guide.