This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Setting Up the Server

This content is no longer actively maintained. It is provided as is, for anyone who may still be using these technologies, with no warranties or claims of accuracy with regard to the most recent product version or service release.

Make sure you have installed the appropriate software prerequisites on the server before installing the Access Workflow Designer server components. For details, see Server Prerequisites in the Installation Prerequisites topic.

Setting up the Access Workflow Designer server components involves the following considerations:

For additional installation and setup information, see the modServerReadme file on the Microsoft Office Developer CD-ROM before installing any components.

To install server components

  1. From the Microsoft Office 2000 Developer CD-ROM root directory, click Setup.exe to open the Setup wizard.

  2. On the Install Options page, select Install Access Workflow Designer and other Developer Applications.

  3. On the Component Options page, select Access Workflow Designer Server, and click Install.

    Note   You return to the Component Options page when installation for the selected component is complete.

  4. When prompted, enter your Windows NT account information and administrator password.

After installation is complete, the server contains the administrative tools and the server infrastructure for team solutions.

Note   You may receive the following message: "Unable to verify that FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions are setup and working properly. Please set up FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions manually." If you do, run Fpsrvadm.exe to reregister the FrontPage Server Extensions. For more information, search for "fpsrvadm.exe" in the topic in the Access Workflow Designer Developer's Guide.

Note   When installing the Windows NT Option Pack, SMTP Services may not be installed by default. If you receive the message "Unable to start SMTP Services," you must reinstall the Option Pack. For details, see "Unable to start SMTP Services error message" in the topic in the Access Workflow Designer Developer's Guide.

After the server components are installed, you can install the Access Workflow Designer development tools on the server as well. For more information, see Setting Up the Development Computer.

After Installation

The Access Workflow Designer Server Components Setup program installs the following components"

Team Solutions ManagerA tool that makes it possible for the solution administrator to manage all the team solutions, templates, and users for the server.
New Team Solutions wizardA wizard used to create a solution based on a template. For example, this wizard can be used to create a new team solution based on the Issue Tracking template installed with the server setup.
SilentClient.exeEnd-User Client Setup program that installs components required for team solutions to be used offline.
http://<servername>/modwebA Web site created on the server with a default page linking to the End-User Client Setup program.
modSystem.mdf The modSystem SQL Server database that stores information about the solutions, templates, and users on the server.
Stored procedures, SQL views, and extended stored proceduresComponents used by the team solution to provide core services.
Issue Tracking solution templateThe template provided by Access Workflow Designer that can be used to create an instance of an issue tracking solution.
modAdminGuide.chmThe Access Workflow Designer Administrator's Guide online documentation.
modAppOwnersA Windows NT Group with appropriate SQL Server login permissions to register and create team solutions.

After the server is set up, the server administrator should do the following:

  • Modify the client installation Web page created during installation of the server components. This Web page can be used by users to launch the client Setup program. For more information, see "Note to Administrators" in Setting Up the End-User Client Computer.

  • Create Windows NT domain accounts and SQL Server login permissions for the users.

    Note   Developers must be added to the modAppOwners Windows NT group created during server setup. This provides a SQL login and the appropriate permissions to create new team solutions on the server.

    Note   For more information, see Creating Accounts, Logins, Roles, and Users in the Access Workflow Designer Administrator's Guide.

  • Verify that all users have appropriate software licenses for Office 2000. Data access pages require the Office Web Components, which require an Office license. If you are using custom setup for Microsoft Office 2000, see Setting Up Office Web Components on the Server.