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Uploading Files to a Folder

SQL Server 2000

Uploading Files to a Folder

You can upload files from the file system and store them in a report server database. What happens when you upload a file depends on the file type. Uploading an .rdl file is equivalent to publishing a report. Uploading any other file adds it to the report server database as a single binary object.

Uploading a file to the report server creates a copy of the original file on the report server. The original file is not actually moved. You can subsequently move or delete the version that is stored in the report server database without affecting the original file.

In Report Manager, files that you upload to a report server database are represented in the folder hierarchy. A report icon indicates an .rdl file:

report icon

Other uploaded files are considered resources. Resources can be any file type. If the file extension matches a known MIME type, an icon for that MIME type is used to identify the resource type. Otherwise, a generic file icon indicates a resource:

generic resource icon

Before you can upload a file, you must have permission to do so. Permission to upload an item is conveyed through the "Manage folders" task. If My Reports is enabled, each user can upload files to the My Reports folder that he or she owns.

Tools and Steps

To upload items, use Upload File page in Report Manager. For more information, see Upload File Page.

When you upload a file, it is always placed in the folder that is currently selected. You can navigate to the folder that you want to contain the item first, or you can upload a file and then move it to a final location later. For more information, see Moving Items.

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