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Report Server

Report Server

SQL Server 2000

The report server is the main component of Reporting Services. It is a Web service that exposes a set of programmatic interfaces, which client applications can use to access the report server. Through its subcomponents, the report server handles report requests; retrieves report properties, formatting information, and data; merges the formatting information with the data; and renders the final report.

The report server component contains several subcomponents, which are discussed in this section. The following table describes the topics in this section.

Topic Description
Programmatic Interfaces Describes the programmatic interfaces, which accept SOAP and HTTP GET requests, retrieve information from the report server database, and pass the information to other components.
Report Processor Describes the Report Processor component, which retrieves the report definition, combines it with data from the data processing extension, and renders it to the requested format with a rendering extension.
Data Processing Extensions Describes the data processing extensions that retrieve data from the report data source.
Rendering Extensions Describes the report rendering extensions that transform the report layout and data into a device-specific format.
Report Server Database Describes the report server database, which stores report definitions, meta data and report history.
Scheduling and Delivery Processor Describes the Scheduling and Delivery Processor component, which runs and delivers report on a schedule.
Delivery Extensions Describes the delivery extensions that deliver reports to specific devices or formats.

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