SQL Server 2000


This schema rowset describes the structure of cubes that are contained in a database.

Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Analysis Services extends the OLE DB specification with the addition of the following columns to this schema rowset.

Column name Type Description
IS_DRILLTHROUGH_ENABLED DBTYPE_BOOL Describes whether DRILLTHROUGH can be performed on the members of a cube
IS_WRITE_ENABLED DBTYPE_BOOL Describes whether a cube is write-enabled
IS_LINKABLE DBTYPE_BOOL Describes whether a cube can be used in a linked cube
IS_SQL_ALLOWED DBTYPE_BOOL Describes whether or not SQL can be used on the cube

In Analysis Services, the CUBE_TYPE column can contain one the following string values: "CUBE", "VIRTUAL CUBE", or "LINKED CUBE". The value of the column depends on the type of cube the row is describing.

For local cubes, this column contains "CUBE".

For more information about the variety of cubes supported by Analysis Services, see Introduction to Cubes.

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