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Versioning Objects

SQL Server 2000

Information models that you create for use with Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Meta Data Services contain instance data relevant to the tools and applications you build and support. As you continue to develop and maintain these software tools, this instance data is accessed and modified. The ability to view past versions of this instance data can be useful. For example, you can use this information to:

  • Reproduce old versions of a software component.

  • Analyze differences between two versions of a software component.

  • Determine how the relationships between various software components have changed from one release of a software tool to the next.

Meta Data Services maintains past versions of your instance data. These past versions are accessible through version management and workspace management interfaces.

The following topics describe the version management capabilities of Meta Data Services.

Topic Description
Versioning Overview Explains basic concepts of object and collection versioning.
Manipulating Object Versions Explains how you can manipulate an object version programmatically, including how to create, propagate, and freeze object versions.
Manipulating Versioned Relationships Explains how you can manipulate versioned relationships programmatically.
Resolution Strategy for Objects and Object Versions Explains how to select an object. You can select a specific version, or allow the repository engine to select an object for you.
Version Graph Describes the version graph and explains how to navigate a network of versioned objects.
Merging Object Versions Explains how to merge multiple object versions together.

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