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SQL Server Subscription Properties, Identification Tab

SQL Server 2000

This tab allows you to change the name for the subscription, choose alternate synchronization partners for merge subscriptions, and reinitialize or remove the subscription.

The following options are available on the SQL Server Subscription Properties, Identification tab of the Windows Synchronization Manager.


Display name

View or enter the name for the anonymous subscription.


View the computer name for the Subscriber.

Subscription Database

View the name of the subscription database that will receive replicated data.


Select the computer name for the Publisher that will synchronize this subscription. Subscribers to merge publications can synchronize with servers other than the Publisher at which the subscription originated. Synchronizing with alternate partners provides the ability for a Subscriber to synchronize data even if the primary Publisher is unavailable. This feature is also useful when mobile Subscribers have access to a faster or more reliable network connection with an alternate synchronization partner.The alternate synchronization partner must have the data and schema required by the subscription. It is recommended that the publication created on the alternate server be a clone of the publication created on the original Publisher. The publication properties must specify that Subscribers can synchronize with other Publishers.

Publication Database

View the publication database that is the source for the published data.

Publication name

View the name of the publication to which this subscription will subscribe.


View the computer name of the Distributor.

Publication type

View the type of publication (snapshot publication, transactional publication, or merge publication).

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