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Specify Subscriber Types
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Specify Subscriber Types

SQL Server 2000

Subscribers are servers that receive replicated data. Subscribers subscribe to publications, not to individual articles within a publication, and they subscribe only to the publications that they need, not necessarily all of the publications available on a Publisher.

A subscription is the request for data or database objects to be published to a specific Subscriber. A Subscriber can have several subscriptions to different publications.

Subscribers can be servers running Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000, earlier versions of SQL Server, or heterogeneous data sources. For merge replication, Subscribers can also be devices running Microsoft SQL Server for Windows® CE Edition.

The following options are available on the Specify Subscriber Types page of the Create Publication Wizard.


Select one or more of the types of Subscribers that will subscribe to this publication.

Servers running SQL Server 2000

Subscribers running SQL Server 2000 can subscribe to this publication.

Servers running SQL Server version 7.0

Subscribers running SQL Server version 7.0 can subscribe to this publication. If you select this option, you will only see publication properties in this wizard that are compatible with SQL Server 7.0 Subscribers.

Devices running SQL Server CE

Devices running Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition (SQL Server CE) can subscribe to merge publications using anonymous subscriptions. If you enable this type of Subscriber, anonymous subscriptions will also be enabled and cannot be disabled. This option is available only if you are creating a merge publication.

Heterogeneous data sources, such as Oracle or Microsoft Access

Subscribers running heterogeneous data sources or SQL Server version 7.0 or earlier can subscribe to this publication. Subscribers running SQL Server version 7.0 or earlier can subscribe to snapshot or transactional publications, but not to merge publications. Subscribers running Oracle, Microsoft Access, and other heterogeneous data sources can subscribe to snapshot or transactional publications. Subscribers running Microsoft Access can subscribe to merge publications.

The version requirement for Subscribers to a publication is determined by the properties of the publication, not by the types of Subscribers selected on this page. For example, if servers running SQL Server 2000 is the only option selected, but you do not enable any of the new properties that require Subscriber to run SQL Server 2000, Subscribers running SQL Server 7.0 would still be able to subscribe to this publication.

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