Enable Dynamic Filters
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Enable Dynamic Filters

SQL Server 2000

You can tailor the subset of data sent to the individual needs of each Subscriber by setting dynamic filters on table articles. The dynamic filter examines the characteristics of the Subscriber and then forwards the appropriate data as defined in the filter. This allows you to create a single publication that provides different data sets to different Subscribers or groups of Subscribers.

You must create the dynamic filter manually using a function such as SUSER_SNAME() to determine which data is propagated to which Subscribers.

Dynamic snapshots provide a performance advantage when applying the snapshot of a merge publication with dynamic filters. By using Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 bulk copy files to apply data to a specific Subscriber instead of a series of INSERT statements, you will improve the performance when applying the initial snapshot for dynamically filtered merge publications. For more information, see Dynamic Snapshots.

Select Yes, enable dynamic filters to enable the publication to use dynamic filters. You will not be able to change this property in the Publication Properties dialog box after the publication is created.

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