Publisher Properties, General Tab (Heterogeneous Publisher)
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Publisher Properties, General Tab (Heterogeneous Publisher)

SQL Server 2000

The following options are available on the General tab of the Publisher Properties dialog box for a heterogeneous Publisher.


Heterogeneous Publisher

View the name of the heterogeneous Publisher.

Distribution database

View the distribution database used by the Publisher.

Snapshot folder

View the path and name of the folder used to store the snapshots of publications from the Publisher.


Select the Subscriber that can receive published data from this Publisher.

Enable All

Enable all the listed Subscribers to receive data from this Publisher.

Enable None

Clear all the listed Subscribers, disabling them from receiving data from this Publisher.

New Subscriber

Register a new Subscriber that is a Microsoft® SQL Server™ installation, an installation of Microsoft Access (Microsoft Jet 4.0 database), an ODBC data source, or an OLE DB data source.

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