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article Properties, Identity Range Tab

SQL Server 2000

In replication topologies where a publication contains an identity column and where new rows can be inserted at Subscribers, additional configuration may be necessary to ensure that no duplicate identity values or constraint violations occur.

The Identity Range Tab allows you to specify that SQL Server™ 2000 will assign and manage identity columns automatically by allocating ranges of identity values to the Publisher and all the Subscribers.

The following options are available on the Identity Range tab of the article Properties dialog box.


Automatically assign and maintain a unique identity range for each subscription

SQL Server will assign the identity ranges for the Publisher and for each subscription to this article.

Maximum identity value

View the maximum identity value that will be entered for a row in this replicated table.

Next range starting value

View the next available starting identity value.

Identity Increment

View the increment with which identity values are generated.

Range size of Publisher

Enter the identity range size reserved for INSERTs made at the Publisher.

Range size of Subscribers

Enter the identity range size reserved for INSERTs made at Subscribers.

Assign a new range when this percentage of values is used

When INSERT values on this article reach this percentage of the existing identity range, SQL Server will assign a new identity range.

Note  Changing the values on this dialog box affect all articles based on this table. All articles in all publications that are based on this table use the same identity range properties.

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