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Compatibility Level Warning

SQL Server 2000

The Compatibility Level Warning dialog box alerts you to a change in the compatibility level required of Subscribers. Changing the compatibility level for Subscribers can cause some subscriptions to be deactivated; these subscriptions will need to be reinitialized.

For example, suppose you create a publication and specify that you will publish to Subscribers running Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 or to Subscribers running SQL Server 7.0, and then create the publication with one table article in it. Later, you open Publication Properties and select a view article to publish as part of the publication.

View articles can be published only with Subscribers running SQL Server 2000. If you have active subscriptions from Subscribers running SQL Server 7.0, and you choose to change the compatibility property by publishing the view, the subscriptions to the SQL Server 7.0 Subscriber will become inactive.

Select Do not warn me about changing this property again to disable the compatibility level warning during future changes that affect compatibility.

Select Do not warn me about changing any publication property again to disable all warnings resulting from a change in the Publication Properties.

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