Excel Functions
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Excel Functions

SQL Server 2000

Excel Functions

Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Analysis Services supports many functions in the Microsoft Excel worksheet library, which is automatically registered if installed on the computer with Analysis Services. Functions not supported in this release are marked by an asterisk in this table.

Acos Acosh And *Application
Asc Asin Asinh Atan2
Atanh AveDev Average BetaDist
BetaInv BinomDist Ceiling ChiDist
ChiInv ChiTest Choose Clean
Combin Confidence Correl Cosh
Count CountA *CountBlank *CountIf
Covar *Creator CritBinom *DAverage
Days360 Db Dbcs *DCount
*DCountA Ddb Degrees DevSq
*DGet *DMax *DMin Dollar
*DProduct *DStDev *DStDevP *DSum
*DVar *DVarP Even ExponDist
Fact FDist Find FindB
FInv Fisher FisherInv Fixed
Floor Forecast *Frequency FTest
Fv GammaDist GammaInv GammaLn
GeoMean *Growth HarMean *HLookup
HypGeomDist *Index Intercept Ipmt
Irr IsErr IsError IsLogical
IsNA IsNonText IsNumber Ispmt
IsText Kurt Large *LinEst
Ln Log Log10 *LogEst
LogInv LogNormDist *Lookup Match
Max *MDeterm Median Min
*MInverse MIrr *MMult Mode
NegBinomDist NormDist NormInv NormSDist
NormSInv NPer Npv Odd
Or *Parent Pearson Percentile
PercentRank Permut Pi Pmt
Poisson Power Ppmt Prob
Product Proper Pv Quartile
Radians *Rank Rate Replace
ReplaceB Rept Roman Round
RoundDown RoundUp RSq Search
SearchB Sinh Skew Sln
Slope Small Standardize StDev
StDevP StEyx Substitute *Subtotal
Sum *SumIf SumProduct SumSq
SumX2MY2 SumX2PY2 SumXMY2 Syd
Tanh TDist Text TInv
Transpose *Trend Trim TrimMean
TTest USDollar Var VarP
Vdb *VLookup Weekday Weibull

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