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Properties (Filters Tab)

SQL Server 2000

Use this tab to view or specify the following options.


Trace event criteria

Specify trace event criteria to restrict the collection of data about events that are defined in the trace. To apply a filter, expand a trace criterion and enter or modify the values in the boxes below each criterion.

Use the wildcard character (%) and semicolons to include any series of characters. For example, SQL%;MS% specifies that all events beginning with SQL and all events beginning with MS will be included in the trace.

Multiple filtering can be performed with Like, Not Like, Equals, and Not Equals operators.

Exclude system Ids

Capture fewer trace events by excluding events that reference most system objects. System objects usually are assigned Sytem IDs less than or equal to 100. Selecting this option sets Object Ids to greater than or equal to 100, thus eliminating most of the system objects from the trace. The trace becomes more selective because system objects that are being accessed can result in 50-75% of the trace events.

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