Analysis Services in English Query

Analysis Services in English Query

SQL Server 2000

Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Analysis Services (formerly OLAP Services) is now integrated with English Query. Analysis Services is a middle-tier server for online transaction processing (OLTP).

Analysis Services includes a powerful server that constructs multidimensional cubes of data for analysis and provides rapid client access to cube information. The source data for Analysis Services is commonly stored in data warehouses in a relational database.

Using Analysis Services with English Query

With the integration of Analysis Services and English Query, client applications can produce answers to users' questions in either a multidimensional display or in traditional SQL rows.

Using Analysis Services also enhances the performance of queries processed by English Query.

When an English Query model has been enabled for Analysis Services, entities and relationships can be associated with OLAP cube information. The English Query Model Editor now includes an explicit representation of OLAP cube dimensions, levels, properties, measures, and facts.

The following example shows the resulting query and Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) of the English question "Show me the sales for stores in California for 1996 through 1998" that is run against the sample FoodMart 2000 database:

WITH SET set_1 AS 'filter([Time].[Year].members, [Time]>="1996"
  AND [Time]<="1998")'
 MEMBER Measures.[Unit Sales ] AS 'sum(set_1, Measures.[Unit Sales])'
SELECT {Measures.[Unit Sales ]} ON COLUMNS,
 filter([Store].[Store Name].members, ancestor([Store].currentmember, [Store].[Store State]).name="CA") ON ROWS
 FROM [Sales]

For more information about Analysis Services, see Analysis Services Overview.

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