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Engine Object Model

SQL Server 2000

English Query objects can be used to deploy English Query applications on the Internet. Objects, methods, properties, and parameters are available for editing a sample script written in Microsoft® Visual Basic® Scripting Edition (VBScript) or for creating a new script that makes the compiled application available from Active Server Pages (ASP). For more information about this run-time system, see Deploying an English Query Application.

English Query is a multithreaded, automation server. In addition to VBScript (including the Microsoft ActiveX® Server Framework), it can be called from Microsoft Visual Basic® version 4.0 or later, or any other programming language that supports ActiveX controls.

The English Query engine object model does not presuppose any particular language, although the English Query server currently supports only the English language.

Parsing English Queries

The English Query server provides the parsing service. English Query translates English questions or requests about data in a database server into query statements. For example, it converts the question, "How many products did we ship in 1996?" into a query statement. Likewise, it converts a request, such as "Show me the suppliers this year," into query statements. Therefore, an end user can easily retrieve information stored in the database without having to know the physical structure of the database.

English Query provides other responses to English questions, such as requests for clarification and error checking and handling.

In addition, when it parses an English question or request, the English Query server can respond with:

  • A collection of database queries to execute.

  • An answer in English.

  • A request for end-user clarification.

  • A parsing error (for example, an error caused by references to concepts not defined in the model).

After the English Query server parses an English question or request into one of these responses, the client acts on it. For example, English Query parses the question and may return a collection of database queries. The client then executes the queries. The client is also responsible for all interactions with the end user, including getting the initial English Query request from the user and displaying the data resulting from executing a query to the end user.

Note  Using the database query generated by the English Query server depends on the availability of a compatible database interface, such as Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO).

Engine Object Model Diagram
English Query Engine Objects and Collections

Some English Query engine object types have a corresponding collection. A collection includes all the existing objects of that type. For example, the Commands collection contains all open Command objects. Each collection is owned by another object at the next higher level in the hierarchy. For example, the Commands collection is owned by the CommandResponse object.

The table shows the five categories of English Query engine objects and collections.

Object category Object/Collection name
Domain management DomainInfo object
QuestionBuilder object
End-user sessions EndCommands collection
Session object
Command responses AnswerCmd object
Command object
DomainCmd object
FieldInfo object
ObjectReference object
Pivot object
QueryCmd object
Substitution object
Parsing error responses ErrorResponse object
Response object
Clarification responses Listlnput object
Response object
StaticInput object
TextInput object
UserInput object
UserClarifyResponse object
UserInputs collection

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