Whats New in English Query

What's New in English Query

SQL Server 2000

This section describes new features in English Query.

English Query Features Introduced in This Version

This version of English Query contains these new features:

Visual Studio Integration

The English Query authoring tool is now integrated into the familiar Microsoft® Visual Studio® version 6.0 development environment.

Graphical Authoring

A diagramming tool is provided that displays the entities and relationships in the English Query model you are creating. You can also drag entities onto one another to automatically create relationships between them.

SQL Project Wizard

You can use the SQL Project Wizard to automatically create entities and relationships for all tables in the database. For each entity, it automatically builds name and trait relationships, plus other relationships, resulting in automatic creation of the majority of the entities and relationships needed in a model.

Analysis Services Integration (formerly OLAP Services) and OLAP Project Wizard

The OLAP Project Wizard provides an even higher percentage of automatic entity and relationship creation for OLAP databases. When connected to Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Analysis Services and a model authored for an OLAP cube, Multidimensional Expressions (MDX), rather than SQL, are generated.

Semantic Modeling Format (SMF) and Authoring Object Model

SMF is an XML-based language that is used for persisting English Query model information (entities and relationships and their ties to the database). Combined with SMF, the Authoring object model provides programmatic authoring of English Query models.

New Regression Features

Regression test output can now be promoted to serve as the new regression text file.

Structured results output can be used as input to other tools.

Full-Text Query Support

This version integrates the SQL Server full-text feature, which allows the searching of both structured and unstructured textual data within English Query applications.

Two-Click Deployment

You can deploy an English Query application to the Web simply by clicking twice and selecting several commands from the Project menu.

Enhanced Authoring by Example

During the testing process, you can see suggested entities and phrasings that need to be defined to answer questions. The new version provides multiple suggestions and simplifies the clarification process by providing a single form in which you can work.

Oracle Database Support

English Query can generate SQL for Oracle.

Graphical Question Builder

A querying interface is now provided for the end user of English Query applications. Question Builder uses the English Query model behind the application to provide easy question building and quick answers from the database. End users can drag entities onto other entities to display all available relationships.
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