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Failover Clustering: Defining the Virtual Server

SQL Server 2000

Use the Failover Clustering screen to define the virtual server for a new cluster, or to maintain the virtual server definition for an existing cluster. You can add and remove IP addresses; multiple IP addresses are allowed for each virtual server.


Virtual Server Name

Displays the network name of the virtual server. This is the name users will see when they connect to the virtual server.

When upgrading to a cluster, this name is entered in the Virtual Server Name dialog box.

IP address

Enter the IP address or addresses used to connect to the virtual server.


Displays the Subnet, which is supplied by MSCS.


Displays the Network name you assigned each subnet during setup of MSCS.


Adds the specified IP address and SubNet to the named virtual server.


Removes the specified IP address and SubNet from the named virtual server.

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