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Windows Collation Designators

SQL Server 2000

Use this table to synchronize collation settings with another Windows locale.

In Control Panel, find the Windows locale name in the Regional Settings application (Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0, Microsoft Windows® 98, and Microsoft Windows 95) or the Regional Options application (Microsoft Windows 2000), and then use this table to find the corresponding Collation Designator and code page.

Windows locale
(locale ID)

Collation designator
Code page
Afrikaans 0xx436 Latin1_General 1252
Albanian 0x41C Albanian 1250
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) 0x401 Arabic 1256
Arabic (Iraq) 0x801 Arabic 1256
Arabic (Egypt) 0xC01 Arabic 1256
Arabic (Libya) 0x1001 Arabic 1256
Arabic (Algeria) 0x1401 Arabic 1256
Arabic (Morocco) 0x1801 Arabic 1256
Arabic (Tunisia) 0x1C01 Arabic 1256
Arabic (Oman) 0x2001 Arabic 1256
Arabic (Yemen) 0x2401 Arabic 1256
Arabic (Syria) 0x2801 Arabic 1256
Arabic (Jordan) 0x2C01 Arabic 1256
Arabic (Lebanon) 0x3001 Arabic 1256
Arabic (Kuwait) 0x3401 Arabic 1256
Arabic (United Arab Emirates) 0x3801 Arabic 1256
Arabic (Bahrain) 0x3C01 Arabic 1256
Arabic (Qatar) 0x4001 Arabic 1256
Basque 0x42D Latin1_General 1252
Byelorussian 0x423 Cyrillic_General 1251
Bulgarian 0x402 Cyrillic_General 1251
Catalan 0x403 Latin1_General 1252
Chinese (Taiwan) 0x30404 Chinese_Taiwan_Bopomofo 950
Chinese (Taiwan) 0x404 Chinese_Taiwan_Stroke 950
Chinese (People's Republic of China) 0x804 Chinese_PRC 936
Chinese (People's Republic of China) 0x20804 Chinese_PRC_Stroke 936
Chinese (Singapore) 0x1004 Chinese_PRC 936
Croatia 0x41a Croatian 1250
Czech 0x405 Czech 1250
Danish 0x406 Danish_Norwegian 1252
Dutch (Standard) 0x413 Latin1_General 1252
Dutch (Belgium) 0x813 Latin1_General 1252
English (United States) 0x409 Latin1_General 1252
English (Britain) 0x809 Latin1_General 1252
English (Canada) 0x1009 Latin1_General 1252
English (New Zealand) 0x1409 Latin1_General 1252
English (Australia) 0xC09 Latin1_General 1252
English (Ireland) 0x1809 Latin1_General 1252
English (South Africa) 0x1C09 Latin1_General 1252
English (Carribean) 0x2409 Latin1_General 1252
English (Jamaican) 0x2009 Latin1_General 1252
Estonian 0x425 Estonian 1257
Faeroese 0x0438 Latin1_General 1252
Farsi 0x429 Arabic 1256
Finnish 0x40B Finnish_Swedish 1252
French (Standard) 0x40C French 1252
French (Belgium) 0x80C French 1252
French (Switzerland) 0x100C French 1252
French (Canada) 0xC0C French 1252
French (Luxembourg) 0x140C French 1252
Georgian (Modern Sort) 0x10437 Georgian_Modern_Sort 1252
German (PhoneBook Sort) 0x10407 German_PhoneBook 1252
German (Standard) 0x407 Latin1_General 1252
German (Switzerland) 0x807 Latin1_General 1252
German (Austria) 0xC07 Latin1_General 1252
German (Luxembourg) 0x1007 Latin1_General 1252
German (Liechtenstein) 0x1407 Latin1_General 1252
Greek 0x408 Greek 1253
Hebrew 0x40D Hebrew 1255
Hindi 0x439 Hindi Unicode only
Hungarian 0x40E Hungarian 1250
Hungarian 0x104E Hungarian_Technical 1250
Icelandic 0x40F Icelandic 1252
Indonesian 0x421 Latin1_General 1252
Italian 0x410 Latin1_General 1252
Italian (Switzerland) 0x810 Latin1_General 1252
Japanese 0x411 Japanese 932
Japanese (Unicode) 0x10411 Japanese_Unicode 932
Korean (Extended Wansung) 0x412 Korean_Wansung 949
Korean 0x412 Korean_Wansung_Unicode 949
Latvian 0x426 Latvian 1257
Lithuanian 0x427 Lithuanian 1257
Lithuanian 0x827 Lithuanian_Classic 1257
Macedonian (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) 0x41C Cyrillic_General 1251
Norwegian (Bokmål) 0x414 Danish_Norwegian 1252
Norwegian (Nynorsk) 0x814 Danish_Norwegian 1252
Polish 0x415 Polish 1250
Portuguese (Portugal) 0x816 Latin1_General 1252
Portuguese (Brazil) 0x416 Latin1_General 1252
Romanian 0x418 Romanian 1250
Russian 0x419 Cyrillic_General 1251
Serbian (Latin) 0x81A Cyrillic_General 1251
Serbian (Cyrillic) 0xC1A Cyrillic_General 1251
Slovak 0x41B Slovak 1250
Slovenian 0x424 Slovenian 1250
Spanish (Mexico) 0x80A Traditional_Spanish 1252
Spanish (Traditional Sort) 0x40A Traditional_Spanish 1252
Spanish (Modern Sort) 0xC0A Modern_Spanish 1252
Spanish (Guatemala) 0x100A Modern_Spanish 1252
Spanish (Costa Rica) 0x140A Modern_Spanish 1252
Spanish (Panama) 0x180A Modern_Spanish 1252
Spanish (Dominican Republic) 0x1C0A Modern_Spanish 1252
Spanish (Venezuela) 0x200A Modern_Spanish 1252
Spanish (Colombia) 0x240A Modern_Spanish 1252
Spanish (Peru) 0x280A Modern_Spanish 1252
Spanish (Argentina) 0x2C0A Modern_Spanish 1252
Spanish (Ecuador) 0x300A Modern_Spanish 1252
Spanish (Chile) 0x340A Modern_Spanish 1252
Spanish (Uruguay) 0x380A Modern_Spanish 1252
Spanish (Paraguay) 0x3C0A Modern_Spanish 1252
Spanish (Bolivia) 0x400A Modern_Spanish 1252
Swedish 0x41D Finnish_Swedish 1252
Thai 0x41E Thai 874
Turkish 0x41F Turkish 1254
Ukrainian 0x422 Ukrainian 1251
Urdu 0x420 Arabic 1256
Vietnamese 0x42A Vietnamese 1258

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