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DTS Package Execution Utilities

SQL Server 2000

  New Information - SQL Server 2000 SP3.

Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages can be run from either of two package execution utilities included with Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000: the DTS Run utility and the dtsrun command prompt utility. By using these utilities, you do not need to open a package to run it.

The DTS Run utility allows you to create a command prompt and run a package or schedule a package outside of the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). With dtsrun, you can run a package from the command prompt or a batch file.

DTS Run Utility

With the DTS Run utility, you can execute an existing package from a set of dialog boxes that you call from the command prompt.

Using the DTS Run utility, you can set:

  • Connection settings.

    You can specify the server name or file name, identify how the package was saved, and provide login information.

  • Scheduling options.

    You can specify regular package execution through SQL Server Agent.

  • Logging options.

    You can identify and enable an event log.

  • Global variable settings.

    You can add new global variables and change the properties of existing global variables. Modifications to package global variables are in effect only for the duration of a DTS Run utility session. When the session is closed, changes to package global variables are not saved.

  • Encryption options.

    You can encrypt the command prompt options to be executed by the DTS Run utility, allowing you to create an encrypted dtsrun command for later use.

    Security Note   Encrypt the command statement when you plan to copy the statement and save it in a text file.

You also can use the DTS Run utility to generate the text of a command prompt for dtsrun, with or without encrypted arguments. You can save this text, copy it to a file, and reuse it later to execute the same operation from a command prompt.

You access the DTS Run utility by executing dtsrunui from a command prompt without any command switches.

To execute a DTS package using the DTS Run utility

Enterprise Manager

dtsrun Command Prompt Utility

With the dtsrun command prompt utility, you can execute an existing package from the command prompt. You access the utility by executing dtsrun from a command prompt, along with any command switches.

To execute a DTS package using dtsrun

Command Prompt

For more information, see dtsrun Utility.

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