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Saving DTS Packages in Visual Basic

SQL Server 2000

Saving DTS Packages in Visual Basic

When you use the Package2 object methods, you can save or load a package in the formats available to you through Data Transformation Services (DTS) Designer and the DTS Import/Export Wizard. You can save packages to Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000, to SQL Server 2000 Meta Data Services and to a COM-structured storage file.

To save a package, use one of the following Package2 methods:

  • SaveToSQLServer

  • SaveToSQLServerAs

  • SaveToRepository

  • SaveToRepositoryAs

  • SaveToStorageFile

  • SaveToStorageFileAs

If the package is run before being saved, call the UnInitialize method first.

To load a package, first create the Package2 object and then invoke one of the following Package2 object methods:

  • LoadFromSQLServer

  • LoadFromRepository

  • LoadFromStorageFile

To delete a package from SQL Server or Meta Data Services, use the Package2 object RemoveFromSQLServer or RemoveFromRepository methods.


The following code example shows a function loading a package in one format and saving it in another:

Enum eDTSPkgFormat
End Enum

Public Function blnCopyDTSPackage( _
    ByVal strReposServerName As String, ByVal strReposDBName As String, _
    ByVal strReposUserName As String, ByVal strReposPassword As String, _
    ByVal blnReposNTAuth As Boolean, ByVal strSQLServerName As String, _
    ByVal strSQLSvUserName As String, ByVal strSQLSvPassword As String, _
    ByVal blnSQLSvNTAuth As Boolean, ByVal strPackageID As String, _
    ByVal strPackageVerID As String, ByVal strPackageName As String, _
    ByVal strPkgOwnerPwd As String, ByVal strPkgUserPwd As String, _
    ByVal strPkgUNCPath As String, ByVal dpfPkgSource As eDTSPkgFormat, _
    ByVal dpfPkgDestination As eDTSPkgFormat) As Boolean
'Copy the DTS package source to the destination format.
Dim objPackage      As DTS.Package2
Dim rsfFlags        As DTS.DTSRepositoryStorageFlags
Dim ssfFlags        As DTS.DTSSQLServerStorageFlags
Dim strPhase        As String       'load/save phase for error msg

On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

'Copying the source to the destination in the same format is not supported.
If dpfPkgSource = dpfPkgDestination Then
    MsgBox "Same format for source and destination not supported", _
    Exit Function
End If

'Create the package object and calculate the storage flags.
Set objPackage = New DTS.Package
rsfFlags = IIf(blnReposNTAuth, DTSReposFlag_UseTrustedConnection, _
ssfFlags = IIf(blnSQLSvNTAuth, DTSSQLStgFlag_UseTrustedConnection, _
'Load the package from the specified storage type.
strPhase = "loading"
Select Case dpfPkgSource
        objPackage.LoadFromRepository _
            strReposServerName, strReposDBName, strReposUserName, _
            strReposPassword, strPackageID, strPackageVerID, _
            strPackageName, rsfFlags

        objPackage.LoadFromSQLServer _
            strSQLServerName, strSQLSvUserName, strSQLSvPassword, _
            ssfFlags, strPkgOwnerPwd, strPackageID, _
            strPackageVerID, strPackageName
        objPackage.LoadFromStorageFile _
            strPkgUNCPath, strPkgOwnerPwd, strPackageID, _
            strPackageVerID, strPackageName
End Select

'Save the package to the specified storage type.
strPhase = "saving"
Select Case dpfPkgDestination
        objPackage.SaveToRepository _
            strReposServerName, strReposDBName, strReposUserName, _
            strReposPassword, rsfFlags
        objPackage.SaveToSQLServer _
            strSQLServerName, strSQLSvUserName, strSQLSvPassword, _
            ssfFlags, strPkgOwnerPwd, strPkgUserPwd
        objPackage.SaveToStorageFile _
            strPkgUNCPath, strPkgOwnerPwd, strPkgUserPwd
End Select

blnCopyDTSPackage = True
Exit Function

MsgBox "Error " & strPhase & " DTS package: 0x" & Hex(Err.Number) & _
        vbCrLf & Err.Description, vbExclamation
Exit Function
End Function
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