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Advanced Copy Options

SQL Server 2000

Use this dialog box to specify which objects to transfer from one Microsoft® SQL Server™ database to another.


Transfer database users and database roles

Transfer all database users and roles.

Transfer SQL Server logins (Windows and SQL Server logins)

Transfer all SQL Server logins.

Transfer object-level permissions

Transfer all object-level permissions.

Transfer indexes

Transfer indexes for all tables transferred, if applicable.

Transfer triggers

Transfer triggers for all tables transferred, if applicable.

Transfer full text indexes

Transfer full-text indexes on all tables transferred, if applicable.

Transfer PRIMARY and FOREIGN keys

Transfer PRIMARY and FOREIGN key definitions for all tables transferred.

Generate Scripts in Unicode

Transfer data as Unicode. Useful if source data contains nchar data types. For more information about Unicode, see Unicode Data.

Use quoted identifiers when transferring objects

Enclose all object names in quotation marks.

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