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Relational Database Engine Architecture

SQL Server 2000

The server is the component of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 that receives SQL statements from clients and performs all the actions necessary to complete the statements. This section discusses:

  • An overview of the components that make up the server.

  • How the server compiles each batch of SQL statements into an execution plan that tells the server how to process the statement.

  • How the server manages Microsoft Windows® resources such as memory, threads, and tasks.

  • How the server determines what part of a distributed query references a linked server and what request to transmit to the server to obtain the needed data.

  • How the server transmits remote stored procedure calls to remote servers.

  • How the server manages concurrency and transaction issues.

  • How the server implements server cursors.

  • The features that allow SQL Server to scale from small laptop computers to large servers that provide the primary data storage for large enterprises.

  • How the SQL Mail component integrates SQL Server with e-mail servers to allow the server to send e-mail and pages when specified events occur.
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