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tcPr element (styleElt complexType) [Word 2003 XML Reference] --  Microsoft Office Word 2003 XML Software Development Kit

Office 2003

tcPr element (styleElt complexType) [Word 2003 XML Reference]

Represents the cell properties for the style.


<tcPr />


Element Information

Element type tcPrElt
Schema name XML Document 2003

Elements and Attributes

Parent Elements

styleRepresents the style definition.

Child Elements

cnfStyleA string representation of a binary bitmask representing the conditional formatting results for this table cell (left to right): FirstRow, LastRow, FirstColumn, LastColumn, Band1Vertical, Band2Vertical, Band1Horizontal, Band2Horizontal, NE Cell, NW Cell, SE Cell, SW Cell.
tcWRepresents the preferred width for this cell.
gridSpanRepresents the number of grid units this cell consumes -- assumed to be 1.
hmergeSpecifies whether this cell is part of (or the beginning of) a horizontally merged region.
vmergeSpecifies whether this cell is part of (or the beginning of) a vertically merged region.
tcBordersDefines the borders for this cell -- these definitions override the definitions given by the table borders.
shdRepresents the underlying shading for this cell.
noWrapIf present, specifies that the contents of this cell should never wrap.
tcMarDefines the margins for this cell (maps to CSS padding property). Overrides any definitions given in the table properties.
textFlowDefines the text flow for this cell.
tcFitTextVisually reduces the size of font characters so that all text within the cell fits within the column width. The more text, the smaller the font appears on the screen. The actual font size does not change.
vAlignSpecifies where you want the text in the cells to be aligned, whether it is at the top, center, or bottom.
aml:annotationSee external namespace.




<xsd:element name="tcPr" type="tcPrElt" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" >


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