Bulk Copy Performance Considerations

Bulk Copy Performance Considerations

SQL Server 2000

To bulk copy data as fast as possible, it is important to understand how data is copied, and what options are available to specify how data should be copied.

Topic Description
The Query Processor Describes how bcp and BULK INSERT work in conjunction with the query processor.
Logged and Nonlogged Bulk Copies Describes when bulk copy operations are logged and how to perform nonlogged bulk copy operations.
Parallel Data Loads Describes bulk copying data in parallel from multiple clients to a single table.
Batch Switches Describes the switches used to control the size of batches used in bulk copy operations.
Constraint Checking Describes how to specify if constraints are checked during bulk copy operations.
Ordered Data Files Describes how to specify the ordering of data in a data file.
Bypassing DEFAULT Definitions Describes how to bypass default values specified in the destination table.
Controlling the Locking Behavior Describes how to specify the locking behavior used during bulk copy operations.

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