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Recordset Object
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Recordset Object

SQL Server 2000

You use Recordset objects to manipulate data from the provider. When you use ADO, you manipulate data almost entirely using Recordset objects. All Recordset objects consist of records (rows) and fields (columns).

In addition to the standard ADO properties, these dynamic properties are added to the Properties collection of the Recordset object.

Dynamic Properties
Access Order PropertyNotification Granularity Property
Blocking Storage Objects PropertyNotification Phases Property
Bookmark Type PropertyObjects Transacted Property
Bookmarkable PropertyOthers' Changes Visible Property
Change Inserted Rows PropertyOthers' Inserts Visible Property
Column Privileges PropertyOwn Changes Visible Property
Column Set Notification PropertyOwn Inserts Visible Property
Command Time Out PropertyPreserve on Abort Property
Defer Column PropertyPreserve on Commit Property
Delay Storage Object Updates PropertyQuick Restart Property
Fetch Backwards PropertyReentrant Events Property
Hold Rows PropertyRemove Deleted Rows Property
IAccessor PropertyReport Multiple Changes Property
IColumnsInfo PropertyReturn Pending Inserts Property
IColumnsRowset PropertyRow Delete Notification Property
IConnectionPointContainer PropertyRow First Change Notification Property
IConvertType PropertyRow Insert Notification Property
Immobile Rows PropertyRow Privileges Property
IRowset PropertyRow Resynchronization Notification Property
IRowsetChange PropertyRow Threading Model Property
IRowsetIdentity PropertyRow Undo Change Notification Property
IRowsetInfo PropertyRow Undo Delete Notification Property
IRowsetLocate PropertyRow Undo Insert Notification Property
IRowsetResynch PropertyRow Update Notification Property
IRowsetScroll PropertyRowset Fetch Position Change Notification Property
IRowsetUpdate PropertyRowset Release Notification Property
ISequentialStream PropertyScroll Backwards Property
ISupportErrorInfo PropertyServer Cursor Property
Literal Bookmarks PropertySkip Deleted Bookmarks Property
Literal Row Identity PropertyStrong Row Identity Property
Maximum Open Rows PropertyUnique Rows Property
Maximum Pending Rows PropertyUpdatability Property
Maximum Rows PropertyUse Bookmarks Property

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