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tblHeader element [Word 2003 XML Reference] --  Microsoft Office Word 2003 XML Software Development Kit

Office 2003

tblHeader element [Word 2003 XML Reference]

Specifies that this row belongs to the collection of header rows that will repeat at the top of every page and will get any special header row formatting from the table style. If this row is not contiguously connected with the first row of the table (that is, if it isn't either the first row itself, or all of the rows between this row and the first row are marked as header rows), this property will be ignored.




Element Information

Element type onOffProperty
Schema name XML Document 2003

Elements and Attributes

Parent Elements

trPrRepresents the table row properties.
trPrRepresents the row properties to override in the table style.
trPrRepresents the row properties for the style.

Child Elements



AttributeTypeRequiredDescriptionPossible Values
valonOffTypeoptionalGets or sets the Boolean value of either on or off.
  • on
  • off


<xsd:element name="tblHeader" type="onOffProperty" minOccurs="0" >


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