About the Microsoft Office Visio Automation Reference

About the Microsoft Office Visio Automation Reference

Office 2003

Welcome to the Microsoft Office Visio Automation Reference.

This documentation includes:

  • An overview of using Automation with Visio.
  • Details on Visio objects, properties, methods, enumerations, and events.
  • Information about the Visio object model; the Visio type library; and about extending the functionality of Visio with macros, add-ons, and COM (Component Object Model) add-ins.
  • A sample Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro.
  • Information about common Automation tasks, such as starting the Visual Basic Editor; viewing Visio object, property, method, enumeration, and event descriptions in the Object Browser; and running macros and add-ons.
  • Information about using the Microsoft Office Visio Drawing Control 2003 to integrate Visio into third-party applications.

For information about working with the cells, rows, and sections of a Visio ShapeSheet, either in the ShapeSheet window or by using Automation, see the Microsoft Office Visio ShapeSheet Reference.

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