This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Layout Property

Office 2003

MsoOrgChartLayoutType can be one of these MsoOrgChartLayoutType constants.
msoOrgChartLayoutAssistant Places child nodes as assistants.
msoOrgChartLayoutBothHanging Places child nodes vertically below the parent node on both the left and the right side.
msoOrgChartLayoutLeftHanging Places child nodes vertically below the parent node on the left side.
msoOrgChartLayoutMixed Return value for a parent node that has children formatted using more than one MsoOrgChartLayoutType.
msoOrgChartLayoutRightHanging Places child nodes vertically below the parent node on the right side.
msoOrgChartLayoutStandard Places child nodes horizontally below the parent node.


expression Required. An expression that returns a DiagramNode object.


This example creates an organization chart in the active document with three child nodes and places them vertically beneath the parent node along the right side.

Sub OrgChartLayoutHangRight()
    Dim shpOrgChart As Shape
    Dim dgnRoot As DiagramNode
    Dim dgnManagerShape As DiagramNode
    Dim intCount As Integer

    'Add an org chart to the active document and
    'add the first (parent) node
    Set shpOrgChart = ActiveDocument.Shapes.AddDiagram( _
        Type:=msoDiagramOrgChart, Left:=10, _
        Top:=15, Width:=400, Height:=475)
    Set dgnRoot = shpOrgChart.DiagramNode.Children.AddNode

    'Add three child nodes to the parent node
    For intCount = 1 To 3

    'Format the child nodes to hang vertically along the
    'right directly under the parent node.
    dgnRoot.Layout = msoOrgChartLayoutRightHanging
End Sub

Applies to | DiagramNode Object