This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

onmousemove Event

Office 2003

Occurs when the user moves the mouse pointer over an element when a page is displayed in Design view in Microsoft FrontPage.


expression    Required. An expression that returns one of the objects in the Applies To list, which has been declared using the WithEvents keyword in a class module.


The following example follows the mouse pointer and selects the element over which the mouse pointer is positioned. This example must be placed in a class module, and it assumes that you have declared in the General Declarations section of a class module an FPHTMLDocument object variable called "objDoc" using the WithEvents keyword.

    Private Sub objDoc_onmousemove()
    Dim objEvent As IHTMLEventObj
    Dim objRange As IHTMLTxtRange
    Dim objElement As IHTMLElement
    Set objEvent = objDoc.parentWindow.event
    Set objElement = objEvent.srcElement
    Set objRange = ActiveDocument.body.createTextRange
    objRange.moveToElementText objElement
End Sub

Applies to | FPHTMLAnchorElement Object | FPHTMLAreaElement Object | FPHTMLBaseFontElement Object | FPHTMLBlockElement Object | FPHTMLBody Object | FPHTMLBRElement Object | FPHTMLButtonElement Object | FPHTMLDDElement Object | FPHTMLDivElement Object | FPHTMLDivPosition Object | FPHTMLDListElement Object | FPHTMLDocument Object | FPHTMLDTElement Object | FPHTMLEmbed Object | FPHTMLFieldSetElement Object | FPHTMLFontElement Object | FPHTMLFormElement Object | FPHTMLFrameBase Object | FPHTMLFrameElement Object | FPHTMLFrameSetSite Object | FPHTMLFrontPageBotElement Object | FPHTMLHeaderElement Object | FPHTMLHRElement Object | FPHTMLIFrame Object | FPHTMLImg Object | FPHTMLInputButtonElement Object | FPHTMLInputFileElement Object | FPHTMLInputImage Object | FPHTMLInputTextElement Object | FPHTMLLabelElement Object | FPHTMLLegendElement Object | FPHTMLLIElement Object | FPHTMLLinkElement Object | FPHTMLListElement Object | FPHTMLMapElement Object | FPHTMLMarqueeElement Object | FPHTMLOListElement Object | FPHTMLOptionElement Object | FPHTMLParaElement Object | FPHTMLPhraseElement Object | FPHTMLScriptElement Object | FPHTMLSelectElement Object | FPHTMLSpanElement Object | FPHTMLSpanFlow Object | FPHTMLStyleElement Object | FPHTMLTable Object | FPHTMLTableCaption Object | FPHTMLTableCell Object | FPHTMLTableCol Object | FPHTMLTableRow Object | FPHTMLTableSection Object | FPHTMLTemplateRegionElement Object | FPHTMLTextAreaElement Object | FPHTMLTextElement Object | FPHTMLUListElement Object | FPHTMLUnknownElement Object | FPHTMLWebPartElement Object | FPHTMLWebPartZoneElement Object | FPHTMLXSLElement Object | FPHTMLXSLWebPartElement Object