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Copying a Command Bar

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You must use Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) code to copy an existing command bar. You create a copy of a command bar by creating a new command bar of the same type as the one you want to copy, and then use the CommandBarControl object's Copy method to copy each control from the original command bar to the new command bar. The following procedure illustrates how to use VBA to copy an existing command bar:

Function CBCopyCommandBar(strOrigCBName As String, _
                          strNewCBName As String, _
                          Optional blnShowBar As Boolean = False) As Boolean
   ' This procedure copies the command bar named in the strOrigCBName
   ' argument to a new command bar specified in the strNewCBName argument.
   Dim cbrOriginal          As CommandBar
   Dim cbrCopy              As CommandBar
   Dim ctlCBarControl       As CommandBarControl
   Dim lngBarType           As Long
   On Error GoTo CBCopy_Err
   Set cbrOriginal = CommandBars(strOrigCBName)
   lngBarType = cbrOriginal.Type
   Select Case lngBarType
      Case msoBarTypeMenuBar
         Set cbrCopy = CommandBars.Add(Name:=strNewCBName, Position:=msoBarMenuBar)
      Case msoBarTypePopup
         Set cbrCopy = CommandBars.Add(Name:=strNewCBName, Position:=msoBarPopup)
      Case Else
         Set cbrCopy = CommandBars.Add(Name:=strNewCBName)
   End Select
   ' Copy controls to new command bar.
   For Each ctlCBarControl In cbrOriginal.Controls
      ctlCBarControl.Copy cbrCopy
   Next ctlCBarControl
   ' Show new command bar.
   If blnShowBar = True Then
      If cbrCopy.Type = msoBarTypePopup Then
         cbrCopy.Visible = True
      End If
   End If
   CBCopyCommandBar = True
   Exit Function
   CBCopyCommandBar = False
   Resume CBCopy_End
End Function

This procedure will not work if you pass in the name of an existing command bar in the strNewCBName argument, because that argument represents the name of the new command bar.

Note   If you copy a pop-up menu and set the blnShowBar argument to True, the pop-up menu will be displayed at the current location of the mouse pointer. For more information about displaying pop-up menus, search the Microsoft Office Visual Basic Reference Help index for "ShowPopup method."

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