About the FrontPage 2002 Software Development Kit

About the FrontPage Software Development Kit

This content is no longer actively maintained. It is provided as is, for anyone who may still be using these technologies, with no warranties or claims of accuracy with regard to the most recent product version or service release.

Is the FrontPage Software Development Kit for You?

The Microsoft® FrontPage® 2002 Software Developer's Kit (SDK) is intended to provide a variety of programming examples and reference materials that demonstrate the use of the components in FrontPage 2002 for Microsoft Office® XP.

The intended audience for this SDK is anyone interested in extending the capabilities of FrontPage. The reader should be familiar with FrontPage and its main components and in some cases entry-level programming knowledge. Most of the examples shown use Microsoft Visual Basic® version 6.0; however, there are also some examples using Microsoft Visual C++®.

If you have limited programming experience, please review the topics in the Getting Started section to help you quickly get up to speed on the nuances of FrontPage programming. If you require assistance, you may want to consult with a Microsoft Certified Partner. Our certified partners offer a wide range of fee-based services, including creating custom software solutions for FrontPage, the Office suite, and other Microsoft products.

Using the FrontPage Software Development Kit

To help you get the most out of this SDK, you will find an explanation of the different sections below.

Getting StartedIf you are either new to development in general or new to developing solutions for Microsoft Office applications in particular, take at look the topics in the Getting Started section. These will get you started developing your own applications that extend FrontPage's basic functionality. In addition, there are a couple topics on developing with the FrontPage object models and the differences between them.
Developing SolutionsIf you understand the FrontPage object model but want to know the types of solutions you can create for FrontPage, see the different sections in the Developing Solutions section. These will help you to know how best to develop the solutions you need to extend FrontPage functionality.
Sample GalleryThe Sample Gallery contains an assortment of VBA samples using the FrontPage object models. If you want more information on how to manipulate the files and folders in a FrontPage Web site or want to know how to modify the HTML in a FrontPage Web page, this section will help you to understand how the object models are used to perform these and other tasks.
Finding AssistanceUse the Finding Assistance section to find additional resources within Microsoft to help you develop your projects. There is a link to the Microsoft Office XP Developers Guide as well as several other resources, such as access to the MSDN search page, you may find useful.
Trading CenterMicrosoft designed the Trading Center as an online depot for projects that FrontPage developers want to share with others. If you have an especially cool add-in or Web component that you want to show others, please see the Trading Center for more information.
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