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ATAN2 function

ATAN2 function

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Returns the angle between the vector represented by x,y and the direction of the x-axis. The result is a number in the current unit of measure for angles.




The arctangent is the angle measured counterclockwise from the positive x-axis to a line that intersects the origin (0,0) and the point represented by x and y. In Microsoft Visio, ATAN2(0,0) returns 0. To force the result of ATAN2 into a different angular measurement, use the DEG or RAD function.

The ATAN2 function is the antifunction of the TAN function. The ATAN2 function returns the angle whose angle is equal to y divided by x. If ATAN2(y,x) represents an angle in a right triangle, then y is the "opposite side" and x is the "adjacent side," so the function could be written as ATAN2(opposite,adjacent).

Example 1


Returns 29.0456 degrees.

Example 2


Returns 30 degrees.

Example 3


Returns 45 degrees.