Connectivity and Communications
Bar Code Scanners with the .NET Compact Framework
Building a Wi-Fi Discovery Application with the .NET Compact Framework 2.0
Combining Web Services and Pocket PC Phone Edition to Create Value
Consuming XML Web Services with the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework
Developing Connected .NET Pocket PC Applications Using Web Services
Developing Smart Device WiFi Applications with the .NET Compact Framework
Examining Execution Speed of JITted Code with CF 2.0
Implementing Always-Up-To-Date Functionality in the .NET Compact Framework by Using Web Services
Improving .NET Compact Framework HTTP Communications using HttpWebRequest and Custom ASP.NET Providers
Interprocess Communication with the .NET Compact Framework 1.0
P/Invoking Serial APIs in the Compact Framework
Point-to-Point Message Queues with the .NET Compact Framework
Receiving SMS Messages Inside a Managed Application
Sending SMSs from your Microsoft .NET Compact Framework-based Applications
Serial Communication with the .NET Compact Framework
Testing for and Responding to Network Connections in the .NET Compact Framework
Use Threading with Asynchronous Web Services in .NET Compact Framework to Improve User Experience
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