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PropagateSettings Method

Exchange Server 2003

PropagateSettings Method

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The PropagateSettings method propagates the folder settings to all of its children.

Applies To

The PropagateSettings method is a member of the Exchange_PublicFolder Class.

Instance Path

The PropagateSettings method appears on instances of the \\COMPUTERNAME\ROOT\MicrosoftExchangeV2:Exchange_PublicFolder class.

MOF Syntax

[implemented] void PropagateSettings(
   Bitmap{"0", "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7",
     "8", "9", "10", "11"},
   BitValues{"AdministrativeRights", "AgeLimits",
     "DeletedItemLifetime", "FolderRights", "IsPerUserReadDisabled",
     "IsMailEnabled", "ReplicaList", "ReplicationMessagePriority",
     "ReplicationSchedule", "PublishInAddressBook",
     "StorageLimits"}] uint32 Settings, 
  [IN, OPTIONAL] boolean StopOnError = TRUE);




Parameter Description
Settings Settings is an unsigned 32-bit integer (uint32, CIMTYPE=19) input parameter. The Parameter Value Mappings section of this topic lists the bitmap values for this parameter.
StopOnError StopOnError is a boolean value (boolean, CIMTYPE=11) optional input parameter.

Parameter Value Mappings

Settings Parameter Bitmap

The following table lists the Settings parameter bit assignments.

Value Name Bit Description
AdministrativeRights 0
AgeLimits 1
DeletedItemLifetime 2
FolderRights 3
IsPerUserReadDisabled 4
IsMailEnabled 5
ReplicaList 6
ReplicationMessagePriority 7
ReplicationSchedule 8
PublishInAddressBook 9
StorageLimits 10