CellsSRC property
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CellsSRC property

CellsSRC property

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Returns a Cell object that represents a ShapeSheet cell identified by section, row, and column indices.

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objRet = object.CellsSRC (section, row, column)


A Cell object that represents the requested cell.


Required. An expression that returns a Shape object.


Required Integer. The cell's section index.


Required Integer. The cell's row index.


Required Integer. The cell's column index.


To access any shape formula by its section, row, and column indices, use the CellsSRC property. Constants for section, row, and column indices are declared by the Visio type library as members of VisSectionIndices, VisRowIndices, and VisCellIndices, respectively.

The CellsSRC property does not raise an exception if index values for section, row, and column do not identify an actual cell. Subsequent methods invoked on the returned object fail. You can determine if a cell with particular index values exists using the CellsSRCExists property.

The CellsSRC property is typically used to iterate through the cells in a section or row. To retrieve a single cell, use the Cells property and specify a cell name. For example:

Set celObj = Cells("PinX")
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