MoveLeft Method

MoveLeft Method

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Scrolls a column field member left by the specified number of pixels, or until the next row member has been scrolled to the left side of the display.

expression.MoveLeft(Left, LeftOffset, Update)

expression   Required. An expression that returns a PivotData object.

Left  Required PivotColumnMember object. The column member to scroll.

LeftOffset  Required Long. The number of pixels to scroll the member.

Update  Optional Boolean. Determines whether or not the display is updated. The default value is True.


Use the MoveTop property to scroll row field members.


This example scrolls the PivotTable view to the next column member.

Sub ScrolltoNextColumnMember()

    Dim ptData

    Set ptConstants = PivotTable1.Constants

    Set ptData = PivotTable1.ActiveData

    ' Scroll to the next column member.
    ptData.MoveLeft ptData.Left, 1000

End Sub


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