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Creating a Command Bar

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You can create toolbars by using the Customize dialog box or by using Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) code in any Microsoft® Office application. In Microsoft® Access, you also can create menu bars and pop-up menus by using the Customize dialog box. However, in all other Office applications, you must use VBA code to create menu bars or pop-up menus.

You create a custom command bar by using the CommandBars collection's Add method. The Add method creates a toolbar by default. To create a menu bar or pop-up menu, use the msoBarMenuBar or msoBarPopup constant in the Add method's Position argument. The following code sample illustrates how to create all three types of CommandBar objects:

Dim cbrCmdBar       As CommandBar
Dim strCBarName     As String

' Create a toolbar.
strCBarName = "MyNewToolbar"
Set cbrCmdBar = Application.CommandBars.Add(Name:=strCBarName)

' Create a menu bar.
strCBarName = "MyNewMenuBar"
Set cbrCmdBar = Application.CommandBars _
   .Add(Name:=strCBarName, Position:=msoBarMenuBar)

' Create a pop-up menu.
strCBarName = "MyNewPopupMenu"
Set cbrCmdBar = Application.CommandBars _
   .Add(Name:=strCBarName, Position:=msoBarPopup)

After you have created a command bar, you still must add any controls that you want and set the command bar's Visible property to True.

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