This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Accessibility for People with Disabilities

This content is no longer actively maintained. It is provided as is, for anyone who may still be using these technologies, with no warranties or claims of accuracy with regard to the most recent product version or service release.

Microsoft is committed to making its products and services easier for everyone to use. This Help file provides information about the following features, products, and services that make Microsoft® Windows®, Microsoft® Windows NT®, and the Microsoft Development Environment more accessible for people with disabilities:

Microsoft Services for People Who are Deaf or Hard-Of-Hearing

Microsoft Documentation in Alternative Formats

Third-Party Utilities to Enhance Accessibility

Customizing Windows or Windows NT

More Accessibility Information

Microsoft Office XP Developer Product-Specific Accessibility Information

Note   The information in this section applies only to users who purchased Windows or Windows NT in the United States. If you purchased Windows or Windows NT outside the United States, your Windows package contains a subsidiary information card listing Microsoft Support Services telephone numbers and addresses. You can contact your subsidiary to find out whether the type of products and services described in this Help file are available in your area.