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What's New for Developers in Microsoft Visio 2002

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Microsoft Corporation

March 2001

Applies to:
     Microsoft Visio Standard 2002
     Microsoft Visio Professional 2002

Summary: This article describes some of the most important new features for developers in Microsoft Visio 2002. (3 printed pages)


Microsoft® Visio® 2002 provides a powerful single platform for your custom drawing solutions. New ShapeSheet® and Automation features give you more options for defining the behavior of the elements in your solution. Developers will gain greater flexibility in creating custom Visio applications through support for a new XML file format, COM add-ins, event filters, digital signatures, GDI Plus, and more. The following table lists some of the most important new features for developers in Visio 2002.

New Features

Feature or toolDescription
Native XML file formatShare your Visio drawings with a full-fidelity, XML-based, alternative file format. Based on Extensible Markup Language syntax, XML for Visio allows developers to create tools for searching and indexing, revision tracking, and version control. This new format gives Visio data synergy with new Web tools, better archival data format, and an open exchange of Visio data with other XML-enabled applications.
Document- and cell-level solution XML data storageStore well formed, solution-specific XML data within your Visio documents. Documents can store many sets of data from multiple solution sources. Solution-specific XML can be associated with a document as a whole or stored in selected ShapeSheet cells.
Object model changes that support new and improved Visio featuresExperience faster and more complete access to Visio data with more than 90 new properties, methods, and events in the Visio 2002 object model. These new features include more complete access to persisted document data, development of cleaner solutions with event filters, and better access to a variety of commonly used areas.
New ShapeSheet cellsTake advantage of the new cells when you set more concise glue type and behavior, specify that connectors be smooth curves, flip shapes during placement, or add transparency to any color attribute (line, fill, shadow, and so on).
Enhanced ShapeSheet spreadsheetUse the drop-down lists for all ShapeSheet cells that have a constant set of valid values, support new currencies such as Vietnamese, Belarus, Ukrainian, and new Simplified Chinese, and experience more control in connected diagram solutions.
COM (Component Object Model) add-in supportDevelop Visio solutions using the new COM add-in technology that is available to many of the Microsoft Office applications.
Access to the CommandBar object model Customize and create menus and toolbars in Visio using the CommandBar object model that is shared by all Microsoft Office applications.
Event filtersDevelop cleaner solutions with fewer event firings. Event filtering allows you to tailor the events you listen to, and prevents many of the events you don’t want to hear from being entered into the event queue.
GDI Plus for better graphic rendering and handling of file formatsBuild graphically rich applications, manage raster image formats and metadata, and improve text readability with GDI Plus. Includes native support for JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, EMF, and WMF.
32-bit color and transparencyExperience a 32-bit color drawing environment that allows you to use over 16 million colors. Produce rich color, professional-quality drawings when you add transparency, shadows, and semi-transparent objects to your documents.
Digital signaturesIdentify yourself as a trusted source by digitally signing your project code. Just like other Microsoft Office applications, this new feature allows you to digitally sign Microsoft Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) projects in your documents and templates.
Find ShapeSearch for shapes on your local hard drive, on a special Microsoft Web server, or on both at the same time with this rich and extensible shape search add-on to Visio 2002. Additional shape repositories may be searched by the addition of custom shape providers. These custom providers allow third parties to develop their own shape repositories and make them available to the user community.
Improved in-place behaviorRun your solutions the same from other environments, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint®. Visio 2002 now makes everything work in embedded Visio drawings exactly the same as it works in the Visio application.
Ability to host add-ons inside of Visio windowsSupport simultaneous docking of anchored windows, add-on windows, and stencils inside your Visio 2002 window. Windows may be docked or merged at the same time, and resized to suit your application.
Improved Cut/Copy/Paste/Paste Special Copy the formatting as well as the text when you cut or copy to the clipboard. In Visio 2002, pasting text now defaults to formatted text rather than unformatted text.
Improved scalability Automatically receive the benefit of faster performance for most common operations when you develop solutions on the robust Visio 2002 platform. Solutions that might have large drawings, like the Modeling and IT solutions, are the primary beneficiaries of these enhancements.
Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications version 6.3Use the same version of VBA as Microsoft Office XP.

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